İstanbul Restaurantları

Nar Lokanta
Armaggan Nuruosmaniye Store, 5th Floor Nuruosmaniye Street
No: 65 Nuruosmaniye / Istanbul
Tel. +90 (212) 522 28 00
NAR Restaurant offers a menu of dishes representing traditional and historical Turkish cuisine, ranging from palace dishes to regional specialities. Since the Turks appeared on the stage of history they have created cultural syntheses that have left their mark on all the regions where they have lived, and the Turkish contribution to cuisine has been wide ranging.

Tahmis Caddesi Kalçın Sokak 17 (Eminönü)
Tel: +90 (0533) 658 80 11
This traditional Turkish restaurant, although a bit touristy, is even popular with the locals and especially at lunch.  The classic Turkish dishes are all very good and you'll understand, once you go, why it remains a popular choice after so many years.

Tuğra Restaurant & Lounge
Ciragan Caddesi 32, 34349 Istanbul (Ciragan Palace Kempinski)
Tel. +90 (212) 236 7333
Tuğra Restaurant & Lounge is on the first floor of the original Çırağan Palace. The feast bgins with the ambience, rich Ottoman décor, live classical Turkish music and the ever-stirring backdro p of the Bosphorus. For the full effect, ask for a table on Tuğra’s summer terrace, lit by the moon, a candle and the Bosphorus Bridge.With specialties like Lamb Külbastı and Testi Kebab, Tuğra’s modern classic menu with lightened-up forgotten classic Turkish and Otoman cuisine recepies will take you back to the Sultans’ most glorious era. And, later, the traditional candy stick trolley "Macun" will take you to sweet dreams.

Club 29
A. Adnan Saygun Caddesi, Ulus Park İçi, Ulus
Tel.+ 90 (212) 358 2929
Ope n since 1993 yet always popular, Club 29 is one of the trendiest restaurants in town serving international and Turkish sele ctions with a most beautiful panoramic view. An Istanbul classic, the menu  includes all time favorites along with new choices served in its everchanging chic decor.

Nu Pera Mesrutiyet Caddesi 67
Tel. +90 (212) 295.6089
Ope ned in 2007 this restarurant has become quite popular and is, at the moment,  one of the places to dine and also see and be seen.  It's only ope ned in evenings.

Caferaga Mah, Guneslibahce Sokak 43 (Kadikoy)
Tel. +90 (216) 330.3190
The restaurant is in a pedestrian street in the Kadikoy district and the casual passerby would never imagine that this is one of Istanbul's most fantastic restaurants.  You won't see many tourists but you will see local foodies.  Specialties include chicken and rice tembales baked in wafer thin pastry in a charlotte type mold.  Soup flavored with artichoke and saffron, lamb and zucchini, or sweet chestnut and garlic. Also great casseroles, stuffed eggplant and pistachio yogurt. Other dishes include those from Mesopotamia, the Balkans and Asia.

Sunset Grill & Bar
Adnan Saygun Caddesi, Yol Sokak No.2, Ulus Parkı , Ulus
Tel.+ 90 (212) 287 0357
Overlooking the Bosphorus atop the hill, just beneath Ulus 29, Sunset offers a spectacular view of the Bosphorus. Serving  a variety of Turkish and international cuisine, an extensive wine menu, the restaurant also has a superb Japanese sushi bar which is one of the best in town.   An international clientele keeps this place busy summer and winter.

Hayriye Caddesi 12 (Beyoglu)
Tel. +90 (212) 245.9980
Chef Gatih Kaya runs this trendy and lay back restaurant in Galata which offers a varied menu but mostly of Mediterranean inspiration. Grilled squid with red peppers. Sea bass ceviche.  There are two dining rooms; one with sand and cream colored walss and the other that is lit with an impressive chandelier that makes the turquoise walls and seats in silver glow.

Meyra Cafe & Restaurant
Akarsu Caddesi 46 (Cihangir)
Tel. +90 (212) 244.5350
This bustling restaurant in Cihangir neighborhood is worth the effort (steep street like SanFrancisco).  Try the filet mignon with tangy garlic yogurt wth gresh mint. There is an adjacent lounge that stays ope n til 4AM.

Park Şamdan
Mim Kemal Öke Caddesi, No. 18/1, Nişantaşı
Tel.+ 90 (212)  225 0710
Ope n to its loyal customers who have been regulars since 1982,  Park Samdan feels more like a private club than a restaurant. It bgins with a bell you have to ring just to enter the restaurant where many of the regulars have their own tables..  The restaurant is particularly famous for its traditional Turkish cuisine. Ope n for lunch and dinner, the menu includes classic Turkish fare as well as a number of international dishes.

The Marmara Pera Hotel, Tepebaşı
Tel.+ 90  (212) 293.5656
Famous chef and owner Mehmet Gürs’ adventure seems to have taken the city’s high life  by storm offering  a perfect opportunity to those who want to experience the contemporary Istanbul lifestyle in the heart of the old city. Great views and after dinner walk up one flight to the outdoor bar where the views are even better.

360 Istanbul
Istiklal Caddesi No. 311, Beyoğlu
Tel.+ 90 (212) 251 1042
The name of the restaurant originates from its spectacular view which covers 360 degree wide angle look at the marvelous city of Istanbul. The same understanding lies within the tastes that are offerred in the restaurant’s menu. A  journey of 360 degree to the world’s famous cuisines includes many stops of flavours and tastes. Located on the terrace floor of one of the landmarks of Istanbul, the historical Mısır (Egypt) building has been built by the architect Hovsep Aznavur for Abbas Halim Pasha of Egypt as his winter residence in 1910,  and later was converted  into an apartment by his heirs.  The Catholic St. Antoine Church,  another landmark of the city is located next to Mısır Apartment and its bell tower is in the closest view of  the 360 terrace.

Old Town Restaurants

Seasons Four Seasons Hotel, Sultanahmet
Te.+  (212) 638 8200
Seasons features a glass-enclosed courtyard and an outdoor terrace. The elegant, refined décor combines Turkish artwork and a more contemporary style. The restaurant also has a beautifully landscaped garden that creates a peaceful oasis in the middle of Istanbul.
Chef Mehmet Gök and his team have crafted a menu that features international cuisine as well as local specialties. A special children's menu offers choices that include Uncle Donald's crispy chicken fingers, Goofy's mini hamburger, Little Mermaid's spaghetti and drinks such as hot chocolate, milkshakes and fresh fruit juices. Recently, Seasons received the honour of being named the best hotel restaurant in Turkey.
Balıkçı Sabahattin
Seyt Hasan Kuyu Sokak, No.1, Sultanahmet
Tel.+ 90  (212) 458 2302
Ope n since 1927, one of Istanbul's top fish restaurants, Balıkçı Sabahattin is located in a beautifully restored old Ottoman house in the historical district of Sultanahmet. It is most famous for its best sele ction of  seafood and its amazing fish böreks. Not one member of the staff speaks English (or French, German or Italian) which is a minor inconvenience which in fact makes up for part of the charm of the place...

Fish Restaurants

Körfez Caddesi No.78, Kanlıca
Tel.+ 90 (216) 413 4314
A chic seafood restaurant with a romantic seaside setting,  where the restaurant’s private boat travels you from the Rumeli fortress to this hidden bay located on the Asian shores of  the  Bosphorus.

Kefeliköy Caddesi No. 126, Tarabya
Tel.+90  (212) 262.0002
One of the best seafood restaurants in Istanbul, the restaurant is decorated with original artworks by famous Turkish painters and photograpraphers such as Bedri Baykam and Ara Güler .

Europe an side: Yahya Kemal Caddesi No.1, Rumelihisarı
Tel.+90  (212) 263 2997
Asian side: Wharf.10, Çengelköy
Tel.+90  (216) 321 5506
With its restaurants located by the shores of the Bosphorus on the Europe an and Asian sides respectively, both of them are known for their variety of fish and their seafood specialties.

Tarihi Karokoy Balikcisi Grifin
Tersane Cd Kardesim Sk. No. 30
Tel. +90 (212) 251 1371
Hidden in the backstreets of the Karakoy neighborhood.  Don't let the brown aluminum framed windows and lace curtains fool you. A favorite with the locals

Besiktas 38
Tel. +90 (212) 327 8987
Bistro subdued but stylish restaruant.  Meze and fish.

Kebab Restaurants

Samatya Develi (Gümüşyüzük Sokak)
No. 7, Samatya
Tel.+90  (212) 632 7982
Established in 1912, Develi is one of the oldest and most reputable Turkish kebap houses
in Istanbul, specializing in the Southeastern Anatolian cuisine.

Camlık Sokak No. 15,  3. Levent
Tel.+90  (212) 270 2433
A restaurant chain that is true to the traditional recipes of South Anatolia, Köşebaşı captures the traditional taste of this area . It was voted as one of the "World's 50 Best Restaurants” by  Conde Nast and was awarded with International Tourism, Hotel and Catering Industries Prize as “the best representative of the traditional Turkish cuisine.” While also being cited as “the best kebab restaurant in Istanbul” by Time magazine.

Haci Adil Caddesi No. 1, Levent
Tel.+ 90  (212) 281 8871
Founded by four cousins from Adana in 1998,  Tike is known for its traditional "charcoal grilled" ethnic barbequed lamb and chicken kebabs, authentic appetizers and fresh salads.

Ottoman Restaurants
Çırağan Palace Hotel Kempinski, Ortaköy
Tel.+90  (212) 326 4646
Famous for its refined classical Turkish and Ottoman Cuisine, the award winning Tuğra  Restaurant delivers a truly unique dining experince with its superb setting, excellent service, exceptional wine cellar and menu which includes the recipes and eating habits of the Sultans who once lived at the Ciragan Palace.

Çırağan Caddesi No. 124, Ortaköy
Tel.+90  (212) 227 2216
Located in a historical building with outdoor dining directly at the shores of the Bosphorus, Feriye is home to the most original Ottoman recipes in town thanks to its Manager and Ex ecutive Chef Vedat Başaran who is known to be one of the biggest connaisseurs of the Ottoman cuisine in Turkey.

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